Access Industries / Faena Group / OMA / Alan Faena

An architectural wonder by OMA, the Faena Forum in Miami is the cultural core of the Feana District. It provides a focal point to the neighbourhood and to the mid-beach zone of

Miami Beach. The Forum forms the heart of the complex and is divided into two volumes: a cylinder that accommodates gathering spaces and a cube of hotel and meeting rooms. Meanwhile, a 45ft cantilever allows the landscaped plaza to slip under the Forum along Collins Avenue, creating a dramatic sense of arrival. The combination of classical dome with a black box theatre in the main assembly space provides ultimate flexibility for the diverse programming of Faena’s multifaceted ambitions.

Judges found the Forum to be transformative, stating: “This is an extraordinary civic gesture to the city of Miami Beach, and a demonstration that a hotel can be a cultural generator.

“This is a great example of design with a compelling point of view when static or activated. This is how event spaces need to be treated, as a forum for drama and personality as opposed to another space with lines of chairs. Conceptually, the interiors and exterior work in tandem well.”