Orientale & Alba at St. Regis Maldives, Vommuli Island


The inspiration behind Orientale is the common clam or mollusc that can be found in Maldivian reefs and beaches, with an external shell engineered in glue laminated timber trusses and clad in cedar shingles. Inside, the shell is crafted using tropical farm forested Balau wood. Show kitchens provide the backdrop, complete with artisanal tiles and offset by a restrained shell-tone colour palette. Meanwhile, custom designed lanterns in the shape of spiral seashells hang above the tables. In Alba, the spirit of John Jacob Astor’s last voyage on the fated Titanic offers inspiration. Designed as an ultra-luxe dining experience in a tropical paradise, the restaurant features a theatrical open kitchen within a naturally ventilated dining zone. Traditional basket weaving and Islamic hexagonal motif ground the space in the Maldivian context, while custom designed pendant lights are festooned with small shells that gently sway in the breeze.