Escondido Oaxaca, Mexico

The Creative Conversion Award
The Creative Conversion Award
Escondido Oaxaca, Mexico

The City of Oaxaca is a world heritage monument by the UNESCO.

The hotel resides in an old house built at the end of the 19th century; nestled in the historical center of the city. We have recovered the original construction to house the restaurant, bar, “Culture Room”, patio and four rooms. A contemporary tower was added to the back of the hotel where eight more rooms are located (two with patios and six with balconies).

The pool is situated on the top floor of the original house.

The whole new construction is in exposed concrete; tile floors and sabino wood furniture. The hotel also has a rooftop terrace exclusive to guests, conceived as a space for relaxation and tranquility.

The challenge of the project is to achieve a balance between the old construction and the contemporary architectural interventions.

Our objective for this project is to preserve the authentic “Oaxacan” essence of the old house while trying to create a new and unique space.

We pursued this goal by conserving the old structures and materials and combining them with new resources that had an artisanal origin.

The current great wealth of Oaxaca is the savoir faire of its artisans. Consequently, the whole hotel is custom-made. Each one of the materials and objects used and made where manufactured locally.

The organic balance between the old and the modern, between 100% locally made and current global comfort; that is our great challenge.

The main materials are all from a natural origin: quarry stones, terracotta or tile floors, local sabino wood, limestone walls and indigenous textiles.

All the paint is plant-based and the color palette ranges from greens to ocher to off-whites. It is truly an artisanal hotel, all hand-made.

We avoid the industrialization of the space at all costs.

The old building is listed as a historical heritage. The façade was preserved to its totality under the original aesthetics of the late 19th century.

The entire structure of the old house, even its creaks were rescued and preserved as originally conceived.