'Balearic/Boho Black Tie'

AHEAD Europe 2022

Friday 18 November - Evolution London

In keeping with AHEAD Europe’s annual dress code, this year’s ‘black tie with a twist’ is 'Balearic/Boho Black Tie', inspired by the laid-back luxury of the Balearic isles and the bohemian lifestyle it evokes.⁠

In the late 80s and early 90s, the nightclubs of Ibiza were synonymous with freedom, tolerance and an attitude that attracted an idiosyncratic crowd of hippies, jetsetters, artists and music lovers. Much like the eclectic spirit of the Balearic Beat genre that inspires our event, the dress code is very much open to interpretation, so 'go with the flow'.

If you need more guidance, think flowing fabrics in a sandy palette of ivories and whites; pops of Mediterranean blue or golden sunset tones. Or for a more formal evening take on the look, go with loose black linens or evening sundresses paired with a penchant for pendants, hippy-chic headwear or Boho beads. And add a touch of glamour in the spirit of the island’s sun-worshipping partygoers, from discoball accessories and metallic makeup to the occasional Spanish fan.

Remember, the twist is completely optional. So, simply stick to black tie if you prefer, or ‘go with the flow’ and come as you are.

In need of some more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest for outfit ideas and listen to our playlist for a kitchen disco to get you in the mood!

To secure your spot at the ceremony, final tickets are now live.